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San Miguel Twist of lime surfboard test

San Miguel Fresca

Working closely with St Austel brewery, we developed this fresh looking ad campaign to promote San Miguel’s new lager intended to be drank with a twist of lime.

Gerry’s Magic logo design test

Gerry's Magic

We were very pleased to have DC’s very own street magician Gerry Sims approach us to design his new logo. The Logo is to go on custom made packs of cards, his website and other promotional materials.

Sk8 project test

SK8 Concept

SK8 was a proof of concept project to explore the possibility of bringing a new product to market for Adams Industries. A major player in the British surfboard design & manufacture Adams Industries wanted to explore the possibilities of branding Skateboards. We always look forward to working with Adams and expect to see these boards in store soon.

olo Adams Industries product brochure

Surfboard Guide

Having worked with Adams Industries on many projects, we were asked to come up with a new look for the 2012 catalogue and board buyers guide for their range of custom built surfboards. Eventually we extended this edgy design across the whole marketing campaign for 2012.

olo Gymophobics advertising


Gymophobics is a national chain of ladies only fitness suites for women who hate gyms. We regularly design exciting and innovative new ways to promote healthy living and fitness for the Chesterfield branch who often require designs on a very tight deadline.

olo test


Many of us at the office enjoy surfing so its always exciting when we get to meet some of the UK’s top Pro riders on photo-shoots. This is part of a series of posters for the british surfing industry designed for 2012/2013.

olo test

Fantasy Artwork

This was a great project to do and was designed to hang in a large office space. The design brief for this project was quite broad it had to be photo realistic and at the same time surrealistic. The finished piece composed of over 30 different images with countless techniques and special effects blended together to create this bizarre world.

olo test

Logo Design

Logo design is all about collaboration with you the client. After all it is your business or product that the logo has to represent, we work closely with you to target exactly what you want, then deliver the finished artwork with our expertise and experience.

olo test

Photo Restoration

We offer this service because of our passion for restoring memories to their former glory. We all look at that curled up photo in the bottom of a box and say “I’m going to get that printed”. With our restoration service we can clean up scratches, marks and holes restore sharpness and colour. Then print it on anything you like, Canvas, T-Shirts, Mugs etc.. or just a nice glossy print.

olo test

Big Picture

Big Picture Promotions is one of the biggest promotional merchandising companies in the south. Printing your business logos and slogans on literally anything! Stephen Cameron Designs provides all the company's advertising materials including flyers, business cards, email shots, web graphics and much more.

olo test

The Colourworx

The Colourworx car body repair workshop has been renovating new, old, classic and modern vehicles for many years. The original artwork for this project came from a sketch done by our artist John Watkins then passed on to our photoshop/illustrator wizzards to be digitized and have the colours and inlay effects applied. The results have been printed on stickers, business cards, stationary, cars and signage.

olo test

T-Shirt Design

Any of our artwork can be put on a T-shirt. From simple business or club logos to specifically designed complex images like the examples here. These are a collection designed for Adams Surfboards for the 2012 / 2013 season and will continuously evolve thorough this period.

olo test

Character design

Mad Rabbit was developed for a T-shirt with a bit of attitude and high visual impact. Working on the brief that our client wanted a cartoon character with a hard edge Mad Rabbit was born. He’s become quite a celebrity and is blamed for any gremlins we have here in the office. (short animation is now in the pipeline)

olo test

Joey Dunlop

Joey Dunlop was undoubtedly one of the best Road racers of all-time, notching up 26 TT wins and countless other victories in his racing career. A very personal project for me, I was immensely proud to design a tribute T-shirt and poster for one of my all time heroes.